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The Resolution of the Senate of the University of Wroclaw
Approved June 28, 2000

In 2002, the University of Wroclaw will celebrate the Tercentenary Anniversary of its foundation. For the academic community of the University of Wroclaw, the upcoming anniversary is an unique opportunity to pay tribute to the diverse cultural and intellectual heritage of the countries and nations of Europe which shaped its character, traditions and customs over the past three hundred years.

Deeply aware of this heritage, the University of Wroclaw preserves its unity and carries out its mission through the work of its academics in scientific disciplines, through the education and upbringing of young generations, and through its significant contributions to the culture and science of Europe and of the world. Thus, the academic community of the Wroclaw University wishes to celebrate its jubilee looking back to its glorious past, remembering in particular the founding act of the University by the King of Czech and Hungary, Ladislaus II the Jagiellonian, to the tradition of the Jan Kazimierz University in Lvov, the Stefan Batory University in Vilnius, and to the earlier history of the University in Wroclaw, which begun in 1702 with establishing of the Leopoldina Academy in 1702.

The academic community of the University of Wroclaw wishes its anniversary to become an opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to the humanist ideals of openness, unity, tolerance, peace and understanding among nations, embodied in the history of our University, and to promote the idea of Poland’s return to Europe.

The Senate of the University of Wroclaw wishes also to call upon representatives of the academic, cultural, political and business communities of Wroclaw, Poland, Europe and of the whole world, to join the celebrations of the University of Wroclaw’s anniversary, to actively support the idea of the intellectual, cultural and political unity of Europe, and to spread this idea throughout Polish society and the international community. The Senate of the University of Wroclaw, Poland



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